Aether Panelized Systems ™

Rapid building method designed to dramatically increase profitability and reduce timelines with new development projects.


The Future of Construction

Aether Panelized Systems is a revolutionary new way to construct buildings using higher quality materials at a cheaper price in a fraction of the time as traditional stick build methods allows. With the rise of lumber prices we sought out a new method of building that would allow us to increase profits on our projects while maintaining the overall quality of the final product. With the Aether Panelized System we use high-quality and extremely durable steel for the support and framing system, and produce all materials required for the build off-site at our factory in a panelized format. Once the materials have been produced, it is shipped directly to the site to be assembled based on our labeling system that makes it about as easy as putting Ikea furniture together. With Aether Panelized Systems we can save money, time, and will be able to move at a greater speed with all of our new development and construction endeavors.

Save Time

Our panelized system allows for increased build speeds and shorter timelines. Allowing companies to dramatically increase productivity.

More Durable

Our steel panels and materials are much more durable than traditional stick builds. No more warping and increased lifetimes.

Save Money

Manufacturing all materials off-site enables drastic savings in labor and materials. We source our materials directly from the source avoiding middleman markups. 

Recent + Upcoming Projects


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